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Learning designer... 10 years of e-learning work across schools, colleges and universities Enterprise level ILT tools support and training Supporting staff to exploit ILT tools and methods F2F training, blended learning design Moodle courses - online and blended User guides, how-to's, explainer videos, email and phone support Strategy and implementation consultation Student support Resource design & creation Formative assessments

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(e)learning design, support and strategic implementation. Covering resource creation, LMS/VLE management, blended learning, training and workshops.


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Created a simple way of students accessing reading lists via smart phones.Click image to open PDF

IWB staff guide


One page quick guide for staff needing to know basics of IWB at school.Click to see image in Issuu



Staff development resource to introduce concept of immersive worlds, multiple intelligences and guided discovery learning/project based work via a webquest.

Staff e-learning support portal


Designed and set up (with team) new staff support portal to provide self service advice and guidance on suite of tools available to academics at the university.

Blended Learning Design


Blended learning design and advice for lecturers/managers at HoW College. Blended course design in Moodle. Login as guest to view my courses.

SOLA poster

Student guide to blended learning


Poster distributed as part of awareness strategy

Student training on Kerboodle


Training sessions for staff and students how to access LMS.

Raspberry Pi school club


Ran extra curricula school clubs teaching robotics and general RPi coding (Python/Scratch), design using CAD, problem solving and team work. Competed in 2 national school events, in conjunction with STEM Ambassadors.Regular blogger for the clubs - click image.

Raspberry Jam

Set up and ran a Raspberry Jam club


Ran regular workshops teaching adults coding and making skills. Designed and built robot for national competition.Regular club blogger.

planet e-stream

staff guide


Condensed staff guide on using Planet e-stream video hosting platform at school.

Community website

Set up and managed website for communications


Set up WordPress website to support local community action group. Set up online petition and successfully campaigned against housing developments within local green spaces. Regular blogger.



Designed visuals and posters to illustrate local developments - using maps and planning data. Helped local residents appreciate scale of planning proposals in local area.

Careers website


Advised and assisted on set up and design of school careers pages. Regular web page contributor.

Careers Tracker


Designed and help pilot new school Careers tracker / portfolio.

School careers web pages


Designed, set up and managed suite of school careers pages using WordPress site.

PPTX conversion


Converting PPT to Flipbook. Included as a resource for a level 3 blended learning course.

support and assessments

Staff support

Supported staff to exploit the use of Doddle, Kerboodle and Show MyHomework learning platforms. Developed sets of formative assessments for staff to re-use and share.

Formative assessments


Ran staff development sessions on the use of classroom assessment tools (Kahoot & Socrative) for active learning and revision aids. Created banks of quiz questions for use in class and self guided learning. Taught staff to analyse assessment data for student progress and achievement metrics.

Sharing resources

Content management

Set up common secure repository between two schools using MS SharePoint to enable ease of transferring and sharing/core subject resources.

Bid writing


Successfully bid for two rounds of funds for schools to upgrade classroom resources across DT departments.

Revision guide


Department head provided a set of text based notes, which he needed converting to a simple student revision guide.

Department website

HSC revision website


Created simple revision website using existing teaching, revision resources and web links.

History KO

Knowledge Organser


Remastered an existing KO to add value. Created three usable teaching resources from one KO; inserted web links for additional stretch and challenge, including a self-check online quiz. Created a partially filled version for class assessment Created a blank version to enable students to create their own. New and old versions in PDF >>>

Secure formative assessments

Departmental assessment process


Created and successfully piloted simple formative assessment process using MS Forms and filtered spreadsheet to deliver monthly assessments. Fed into termly learner analytics. Set of guides created for staff and students during the pilot process.

Progress tracker

Monitoring assessments


Helped set up a suite of simplified year group spreadsheets (Vlookup) to continually monitor student progress during terms. Tracker helped staff to decide upon appropriate interventions to help grades.

Study booklets

Homework, study aids and quizzes


Created nine study booklets for new strategy of boosting KS3 baseline knowledge. Used for class and homework to supplement existing resources. Created an associated set of multiple choice quizzes to promote self checking/independent learning.

OneDrive guide

Staff & student guides


One pager guide for staff and students alerting them to the use of OneDrive to store/transfer files. Send by email & posted across the school.

Staff development

Free tools


Ran a series of departmental CPD sessions highlighting free ILT tools; online and in-house.

Revision Guides

Knowledge Organisers


Reworked a set of revision guides to make them more legible, and appealing. Added online quizzes, and web links for differentiation and self-guided learning. All cells now editable to create part filled in sheets for assessments. Can be uploaded for online access or printed for a class resources/teaching aid. New and old guides in PDF >>

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